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The power of mineralizing water born in French volcanoes for a stronger skin.

Vichy 火山礦物溫泉水

The power of Vichy Mineralizing Water for a stronger skin

It is at the heart of the preserved region of Auvergne volcanoes in France that springs Vichy water. After a millennial path down to a depth of 4,000 meters, Vichy water charges itself with 15 minerals and mineral nutrients essential to skins beauty.

Vichy Mineralizing Water is the star active ingredient in Vichy skincare products. Discover the source of its power.

the Origins

The pioneer in dermocosmetics

Doctor Haller discovered Vichy Mineralizing Water when he became the Director of Vichy Thermal center at the beginning of 20th century. He was the first to apply the therapeutic properties of this rare water to cosmetics, thereby creating the Vichy brand.

He was also a pioneer: thanks to his medical background he created new skincare routines based on a skintype approach, he launched the first Serum in pharmacies, and he developed beauty advice guides for women.

The Vichy Institute

The Vichy Institute
Source of strength for your skin

A ritual to regenerate your skin

At Vichy Laboratories Institute, just a few steps from its water spring, in Vichy thermal town, in France, this mineralizing water has really found its purpose through the protocols of care treatments developed and validated by experts to transform, rebalance, regenerate your skin to make it stronger.

Each ritual, based on your Personalized Skin Diagnosis, takes into consideration your skin conditions lifestyle and transforms it step by step. The effects are visible from the first treatment.